Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Kizzi's Victory!

I tell you. I don't understand humans. Mine got me and my mom, Leia, 4 years ago and life was wonderful until she rescued another Ragamuffin named "Mendy"... (I shudder just saying the name). Now me and momma Leai are just plain ole' easy goin', laid-back, way cool kitties, but Mendy is one of those Prima Donna-Princess types with a capital "P" for "pttttttt". Just 'cause she won some prize in some show years ago doesn't mean we have to bow down before her!

Talk about attitude! Mom and I were peeved when she first came, but we could tell Mendy came from a rough home, so we decided to welcome her and be friendly, but doggone it (that's cat cursing, by the way), no matter WHAT we do, she goes into hissing frenzy fits and starts shrieking and swiping her paws in all directions a rate that would make you think she's a B25! I kid you not! This cat moves AIR with those propeller paws. It must be compensation for being declawed, but that's no excuse for being rude!!

Well, she got hers last night and I'm flying high! I was watching my human brush her teeth when Mendy sneaked up from behind and for no good reason, flat out attacked me, screeching and hissing like all get out. Now my human is REALLY patient, but Mendy overstepped her bounds with this attack, 'cause next thing I know here comes a glob of water flying out of the cup aimed directly at Mendy's head! I freaked and tore off to the bed to be safe, but when I looked back and saw Mendy with a sopping wet head, looking utterly shocked and slinking off in defeat, it was the best!!! Patti went over and loved on her, but I still laugh thinking 'bout it!

Definitely a Kodak moment!
Bye fer now


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